Why Choose the Growth Adviser?

Running your own business is a unique experience. Deeply personal in every way, from the original idea through to creation and execution, the pictures in your mind drive you to levels of commitment, anxiety, joy and often exhaustion that can be difficult to explain but no less real for that.

That deep personal commitment and passion can make it a lonely existence, sometimes accompanied by a range of unintended consequences. This is particularly if you are trying to grow your business and your team – trying to find people that you can really trust with ‘your baby’. Having a critical friend on hand to advise you, support you, encourage you and sometimes challenge you has proven time and time again to help business owners accelerate their growth plans and avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that others have made before them.

As the Growth Adviser, Sean brings extensive experience working with a range of business owners, as well as other organisations, that might help you turn your business dreams into reality sooner than you thought. Find out on these pages about his Story, Promise, Values and Experience to see if they sound right for you.

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And finally, never under-estimate the value of Business Owner Therapy. Sean and many of his associates have been there and done it too. The biggest part of what we do is focused on giving you a safe and non-judgmental place to talk. We, listen to what you say and above all help you to ask yourself the right questions!


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