These testimonials illustrate just a few of the things people have said about working with Sean…


Sean worked with us as a consultant during late 2017 for four months. During this time he provided support and advice around restructuring our business in preparation for growth. He also helped us to handle some of the resulting change. During that time he really ‘got under the skin’ of our business and coached us towards some major decisions. In some cases he actually helped us find the courage to take them. As a result, our business is in far better shape than it was this time last year. Sean was well respected by all of the team, some of whom he continued to coach on a one to one basis after his work with us had finished.

JS – Owner Manager, London


After committing a significant amount of resources into our expansion programme, it soon became obvious that we were getting nowhere fast! At that point we were introduced to Sean. He  took the time to really understand where we were and where we thought we were headed. I was very pleasantly surprised when he told us that most of his diagnostic work would be free, particularly as it gave us the foundation and insight to help us to develop a robust new plan which he has also helped us to implement. Sean’s advice, insight and honesty have been a real breath of fresh air. He has fundamentally changed how I look at my business and I could not have wished for a better critical friend. I would thoroughly recommend him to any ambitious owner manager who is looking to improve and grow.

CJ, Owner Manager, Cardiff


Sean has played a key role in the transformation of IIP from a Government owned and funded organisation into an independent and sustainable social enterprise.  His excellent commercial knowledge added real value in the development of a new business model. He also brought particular insight on developing products specifically designed to support the needs of smaller businesses.  In addition, he is excellent at change management and this was invaluable when we were negotiating the deal to purchase the business from HM Government.

On a personal level, I have learned a great deal from Sean.  He balances challenge, support and advice extremely well. You always feel like you have come away with an insight or better understood how to resolve a problem after a discussion with him.  He has a great belief in the potential of people and even when he is challenging you, it comes with good intent and you grow in your knowledge, understanding and confidence as a result.

Anyone looking to sustainably grow their business can only benefit by working with Sean!   

PD, CEO London



I have worked with Sean for many years. His advice has proved invaluable. his executive experience is such that he provides insights that have applications that are both practical and possible. Even in the most challenging situations, he remains constructive and positive. He has the ability to see a bigger picture, draw attention to and derive lessons from it. Firm, clear and to the point.  We could not have had a better critic to guide us through growth.

TJ, CEO, London