Managing expectations is a key element of any successful partnership, no matter how short or long.

In this section Sean sets out what you can expect from The Growth Adviser and his associates.

The Growth Adviser and his Associates will….

  • Listen actively to everything you say and do our best to really get under the skin of what makes your business tick. After all, no two businesses are entirely alike!
  • Do all we can to cut through the clutter, build your confidence and help you see more clearly
  • Be honest with you, even when we don’t think you’ll like what we’re saying
  • Tailor our services and charges to your individual circumstances
  • Be transparent in all of our dealings with you – and that means no nasty surprises
  • Only ever propose solutions that you could realistically follow through on
  • Expect you to deliver on your plans and act as a critical friend to hold you and your team to account when appropriate
  • Stick with you for as long or as short a period of time as you wish
  • Encourage you to share your learnings with other like-minded business owners who might be able to strengthen their business by hearing your story
  • Work in conjunction with or recommend alternative partners, should you need help in areas in where they may serve you better
  • Always see the job through

The Growth Adviser and his Associates will not…

  • Bamboozle you with corporate jargon
  • Work with owners that are not genuinely seeking to improve their business performance and prepared to do what it takes to get there
  • Unnecessarily make you feel bad about any aspect of your business
  • Share with others anything that you share with us, unless expressly agreed by you
  • Take over from you or run your business or any part of your business for you
  • Undertake work that we don’t believe will make a real difference to your business
  • Say we’ll help if we don’t believe we can
  • Work at any one time with more clients that we can properly support


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