Launching your own business is simultaneously one of the most exciting, scary and fulfilling things that you will ever do. In the early days, in particular, it is so easy and tempting to act like the new fox in the hen house!

Sleek, fast, agile and full of excitement you run at ninety miles an hour, chasing down opportunities wherever you can. Your energy is relentless as is your unerring ability to juggle multiple priorities, often in the face of impossible odds.

Over time, though, owning and running your own business can feel less and less exciting as you become caught up in what feels like a perpetual whirlwind of competing priorities and challenges as you fight to keep all the balls in the air. Often you barely have time to breathe or think. It can be so hard for you as an owner-manager to find time to properly address the root causes of the things that keep you awake at night or actually take a step back to really think about where your business is heading and how you are going to get there! Sometimes, even recalling the original reasons for creating your own business can be a fading memory.

As time passes, the simpler early days can become buried under an avalanche of ‘accidental’ complexities. These can dramatically reduce your ability to focus, making growth increasingly challenging. Sometimes they can even threaten the very existence of your business. Unsurprisingly, owners in this place can describe it as something of a ‘Bermuda Triangle’: Lonely, isolated, dangerous and unsettling – not quite sure how you got there and even less sure about how to get safely back out.

And for those with both the opportunity and ambition to grow, you’ll need to build a great team of people around you. Successfully building that team and giving up some or all of ‘your baby’ for others to run with you can be one of the most difficult things you will ever try to do.

And that is why you need the Growth Adviser. To act as a critical friend to help you plot the key challenges to growth, make the right choices and then stick with them.

Whether you are trying to build a great team around you, worried about your very own ‘Bermuda Triangle’, facing up to a period of major change or crisis or just evaluating if or how to tackle a major new opportunity, the Growth Adviser can be there as a critical friend offering practical support, insight and even a shoulder to cry on!

Using tried and tested methods and speaking fluent small business, it is Sean’s job and those of the people that he introduces you to, to be that critical friend. His aim is to help you focus whilst cutting through complexity and decluttering both your mind and business.

And guess what? If you can do that and build a team around you that can travel the journey with you then you won’t just survive or build a business that will succeed for the next few years…you will build a GREAT business that will put a smile on your face and might even outlast you!


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