These are the most Frequently Asked Questions of the Growth Adviser

How much will it cost to talk to The Growth Adviser?

Your initial telephone consultation is absolutely free and without obligation, as is your first face to face meeting. Depending on your situation Sean may be willing to undertake some further diagnostic work on an expenses-only basis before agreeing the right level of fees for the assignment. The Growth Adviser is committed to working with the broadest possible range of growth-orientated business owners, regardless of circumstances.

I think The Growth Adviser can help me. How can I get the ball rolling?

The best way of getting things going is just to call Sean on 07801 348571. Alternatively, send an e-mail to or connect through Linkedin. After an initial phone conversation, Sean will generally arrange a face to face meeting with you in order to better understand what you are after and make sure that he is the right person to help you. He will then agree with you on the most appropriate next steps to take and you’ll be off and running!

I’m not sure an outsider is going to understand my business, so why would I want to work with The Growth Adviser?

It’s true. Every business is unique but they all share common characteristics, challenges and opportunities and having an ‘outsider’ take a fresh look at a business often generates new ideas and perspectives. The Growth Adviser will aim to gain a decent understanding of your business as quickly as possible and will never charge you to gain this basic knowledge.

What kind of businesses will benefit most from working with The Growth Adviser?

Any owner-managed business can benefit from working with The Growth Adviser. Provided that you are genuinely ambitious, open-minded and committed to doing what it takes to achieve your ambitions. This also applies to businesses that are only part owner-managed with some level of senior management team already in place. To find our more, please click Here

I have had a bad experience with consultants before, is The Growth Adviser going to be any different?

That will be our aim! Consultants come in many shapes and forms but the most critical element in any successful consultancy relationship is honesty and transparency on all sides. If you have had a bad experience previously, then the first priority will be to understand what went wrong. We can then make every effort to ensure that your experience with The Growth Adviser is a very different one. Our only interest is adding value and having a positive impact on your business.  If we are not confident we can do so. We won’t waste either your time or your money!

What happens if things still go wrong?

We talk! Every relationship has its ups and downs and The Growth Adviser will always aim to deliver fully on your brief but sometimes things can go wrong and then, as always, it is about just sorting it out.. .

In addition, Sean’s work is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I’m interested but nervous. Can I talk to someone who has used The Growth Adviser before I make any commitment?

Of course! Once we’ve had an initial chat then you are very welcome to talk to people who have worked with Sean and/or his associates before.

The Growth Adviser says he works with Associates. Who are they and why?

Not every business situation is the same and often it is best to draw on specialist knowledge. Over the years, Sean has built up a wide network of trusted contacts and associates who he can bring in as and when necessary. Again, once we are clear about the assignment Sean can discuss with you any specialists that he would like to involve and ensure that you are comfortable with him doing so.

Does The Growth Adviser have specific experience of my sector?

Sean and his associates have particular experience within the leisure, tourism, retail and hospitality industries but their general business expertise can be easily adapted to any growth-orientated business

Where does The Growth Adviser operate?

The Growth Adviser can support businesses located anywhere in the UK